The Garland/Grand/Gaston (3G) Re-Development Plan

The re-development of the Garland/Grand/Gaston (3G) intersection is about safety.  Garland Road and Gaston Avenue are two of the more dangerous roads in East Dallas as reported by Advocate Magazine

In response to the growing safety issue, the TxDOT created two possible plans.  One is clearly safer than the other.  Option #1 is the safer, smarter plan.  Unfortunately, TxDOT and the City of Dallas back a more dangerous plan- Option #2.

However, we can make the smarter, safer option the final choice.  By contacting key politicians, and voicing your support for the safer "Option #1" plan, you can have your voice heard.

Take action to support Option #1.  This option maintains the same access from Garland and Grand Road to I-30, and the current traffic flow onto Gaston Avenue.  This plan avoids more traffic onto Gaston Avenue and limits cut-through traffic onto residential streets.  This plan is better at keeping  kids and families safe.

Contact your state and city officials NOW and let them know that you are saying 'YES' to Option #1 and ' NO' to Option #2.



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