Facts About the Current 3G Intersection

The Garland/Grand/Gaston Intersection

  • According to Advocate Magazine, Gaston Avenue is the most dangerous street in East Dallas: 131 accidents & 1 fatality in 2017.

  • TxDOT's Data Table 1 submitted on January 2018 shows a current 50/50 split between Grand/Gaston traffic flow.

  • Gaston Avenue is already over-capacity. It was designed to carry 14,000 cars per day but carries 18,600 cars.

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) projects that Option #2 will bring 29,200 more cars in less than 20 years onto Gaston Avenue - a 40% increase.

  • Option 2 threatens to re-distribute the traffic pattern from Garland and Grand more heavily onto residential streets.

View of the Current 3G Intersection

View of the Current 3G Intersection

Additional Facts from TxDOT's Proposals

Information as presented by TxDOT during the last public meeting

View full September 2016 power point presentation at keepitmovingdallas.com.

1. Traffic Patterns

Option 1 DOES NOT favor Gaston/Garland traffic pattern.

Option 1 Constraints

Option 2 DOES Favor Gaston/Garland traffic pattern.

Option 1 Advantages

2. Response to Public Comments

Option 1 and Option 2 have the safety features requested at public meetings.

Response to Public Comments

Let your voice be heard.

We want re-development with safe streets.

Option #1 is the only option.

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