Last Chance to Oppose TxDOT's Option 2

FINAL Public Hearing TOMORROW!


November 13, 2018 at 6pm

Location: The Dallas Arboretum.

TxDOT will build Option #2 if we don't show up in force. Your opinion needs to be on record in order for your voice to be heard.

There are 3 ways to speak out against TxDOT's Option #2 tomorrow.

  1. Speak to a court reporter and tell them you Oppose Option #2, and support the community preferred plan Option #1.

  2. Speak to an open microphone for up to 3 minutes, and tell them that you Oppose Option #2 because it re-aligns the state highway onto our overburdened Gaston Avenue.

  3. Fill out and submit a public hearing comment form (provided by TxDOT at the public hearing), and make sure that every adult member of your household does the same.

Primary Flaws of Option 2

No to Option 2 Lakewood
  1. The re-alignment of State Highway-78 (SH-78/ aka Garland/Grand) onto our over burdened Gaston Avenue. This re-alignment will force those that wish to STAY on the Highway and continue onto I-30, to take a LEFT in order to do so.

  2. TxDOT’s Option #2 REMOVES a FULL lane of traffic onto Grand. Currently there are 2 FULL lanes from Garland to Grand, and 1 shared lane. Option #2 will only provide 1 FULL lane and 1 short LEFT turn lane to Grand, leaving only 1.5 lanes to accommodate the 18,700 vehicles a day that wish to stay on the highway.

For questions or to find out how else you can get involved, please visit

*If you cannot attend tomorrow’s meeting, please email to get a copy of the public meeting form to submit your comments on record.