What's Happening Behind the Scenes at LCFRT

Elizabeth Blackburn and Sarah Lamb, and others have been busy behind the scenes at LCFRT.org.

We attended Town Hall meetings with Councilman Mark Clayton.  At the meeting held on August 23, 2018, Mr. Clayton stated that he asked Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to develop a "compromise plan." 

After following up with TxDOT this week, it is clear that they will only make "tweaks" (sic) to Option 2 and will not present a compromise plan. The TxDOT official stated that what happens after traffic leaves the 3G intersection is not their concern.

At this point it is up to the City of Dallas to rescind their support for Option 2.  Continued pressure must be placed on the city and on elected officials.

We have also:

Met with City of Dallas of officials at the 3G intersection, and walked 2 miles up Gaston Avenue in the morning to see the traffic situation first-hand .

Contacted news organizations, many of which have reported the story in print, on-line, and on local television.  We were featured most recently on the front page of the Metro & State section of the Dallas Morning News .

As you may have noticed, more lawn signs have gone up!  Approximately 150+ have been delivered, with more  being printed to keep up with demand.  If you haven't already please request a lawn sign here.

There is still much more to do, and your continued support is appreciated.  Let's keep the momentum going and demand that support for Option 2 be rescinded by the City of Dallas.

There are three ways to help advance support for Option #1:

Thank you for your support!