Support Option 1

TxDOT Comment Forms Delivered

Thank you for taking the time to submit comments in Support of the proposed 3G Intersection Option 1 and Against Option 2.

We hand delivered over 300 comment forms opposing Option 2 to TxDOT this past week.

If you still have a yard sign up please feel free to take it down at this time. You may want to keep it in case we need to pick up the fight again. Also, if you have a large sign we will be coming around this week to pick them.

As of now, we are still pushing forward! We will have more information once TxDOT reviews all of the public comments.

Thank you for all of your support!

Photo by LeManna/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by LeManna/iStock / Getty Images

Public Hearing Comment Forms

Thank you for all of the support we received at the Final TxDOT Public Hearing last Tuesday night!

We are grateful for those who came to support Option 1 and who told TxDOT and our City Officials that we do not approve of Option 2.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can still help us. Please fill out one of the Public Hearing Comment Forms attached below.

One form is prefilled with comments against Option 2. The second form is left blank for your own comments.

Once you have completed the form please email it to and

Prefilled Public Hearing Comment Form

Prefilled Public Hearing Comment Form

Blank Public Hearing Comment Form

Blank Public Hearing Comment Form

Last Chance to Oppose TxDOT's Option 2

FINAL Public Hearing TOMORROW!


November 13, 2018 at 6pm

Location: The Dallas Arboretum.

TxDOT will build Option #2 if we don't show up in force. Your opinion needs to be on record in order for your voice to be heard.

There are 3 ways to speak out against TxDOT's Option #2 tomorrow.

  1. Speak to a court reporter and tell them you Oppose Option #2, and support the community preferred plan Option #1.

  2. Speak to an open microphone for up to 3 minutes, and tell them that you Oppose Option #2 because it re-aligns the state highway onto our overburdened Gaston Avenue.

  3. Fill out and submit a public hearing comment form (provided by TxDOT at the public hearing), and make sure that every adult member of your household does the same.

Primary Flaws of Option 2

No to Option 2 Lakewood
  1. The re-alignment of State Highway-78 (SH-78/ aka Garland/Grand) onto our over burdened Gaston Avenue. This re-alignment will force those that wish to STAY on the Highway and continue onto I-30, to take a LEFT in order to do so.

  2. TxDOT’s Option #2 REMOVES a FULL lane of traffic onto Grand. Currently there are 2 FULL lanes from Garland to Grand, and 1 shared lane. Option #2 will only provide 1 FULL lane and 1 short LEFT turn lane to Grand, leaving only 1.5 lanes to accommodate the 18,700 vehicles a day that wish to stay on the highway.

For questions or to find out how else you can get involved, please visit

*If you cannot attend tomorrow’s meeting, please email to get a copy of the public meeting form to submit your comments on record.