Our Mission

Lakewood residents dedicated to preserving the safety and walk-ability of our neighborhoods.

About Lakewood Citizens for Responsible Traffic (LCFRT)

Lakewood Citizens for Responsible Traffic is a diverse group of Lakewood residents that have come together to protect our wonderful and unique community from the effects of ever growing traffic volumes and speeds that threaten the safety of our families.

Our members include Lakewood residents from all walks of life including stay at home moms, business owners, retired veterans, lawyers, and a variety of professionals with a shared love of our community and desire to promote responsible traffic for our Lakewood Area neighborhoods.

We first felt empowered to act when realized the impact that the Garland/Grand/Gaston intersection (3G) project could have on our community and that a majority of Lakewood Residents were unaware of the Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT’s) plans.  We feel passionate about preserving the safety and walk-ability of Gaston Avenue and all of neighborhood streets and feel that there is a better, more responsible option for this important project.

Our goal is to continue to closely monitor traffic projects that will impact our East Dallas community and ensure that the residents of Lakewood are informed and have a voice.